December 3, 2015

December Reflections :: Best Day of 2015

Back in February, my brother invited us to go quading. It was the perfect day for it too.

The air was crisp and the sky was full of clouds. It was cool enough for long sleeves but yet not cold enough for a jacket.

The place we went to was a bit of a drive outside of town. I drove my car, but once we got off the freeway I ended up having to park and leave it there in the middle of nowhere since it doesn't have 4-wheel drive. We then all squeezed into my brother's truck to drive off-road to where we needed to be. But the time spent driving was worth it. The area was so pretty. So wide and so open. I loved just looking around and what made it even better was that we were the only people out there.

We were there for hours. The husband took his turn riding, but I mainly tagged along just to watch. I enjoyed my time sitting with the kids while they waited to ride and then watching them once they got their turn.

I would love to go back. I hope I get the chance to some day.

December Reflections :: Best Day of 2015

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