December 1, 2015

December Reflections :: Sparkle

Here it is December, the last month of the year. The month where we think of what is to come in the New Year and also where we remember and reflect back over all that has happened during the past year.

It is also the month of Sparkle.

But since it is only the 1st day of December, my home has no Sparkle. The Christmas decorations usually don't go up until after the 1st weekend of the month. That is if they go up at all. Last year, I was dealing with a sick cat and also a bathroom remodel where a lot of the items were taking up space in the living room, so I didn't put up a tree. This year, I am wondering if I should do the same.

But I have a feeling that if I don't decorate this year, that I will really miss the Sparkle.

And besides, I really don't want the only Sparkle to happen in my life during this past year, to be the silver tinsel that is quickly spreading throughout my hair.

December Reflections :: Sparkle

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