May 8, 2006



It’s me.

Welcome to my boring blog.

It seems that all I have to talk about lately is my declining health and since I am sure no one wants to read about it I have basically stopped blogging. Then of course when I want to post something and I decide not to copy it first, Blogger gives an error and eats my post.

B and I were talking about Bird Flu and I told him I would probably be the first to get it. His response…..”You already have it.” So between the Bird Flu and the ticking off of my friends this blog has become a lonely place.


  1. what friends did you tick off?

    since I'm not ticked does that mean I'm not your friend?

  2. Are you really not mad at me?

    Cause I feel like I really let you gals down this weekend.

  3. We found your blog to be not at all boring.

    In fact, it was one of the most not-the-normal-kind-of-a-blogs out there and therefore very interesting indeed!

    What is more, we are toatally sure that "B" is wrong about you being the first to get the Bird Flu.

    In any case, we have today added the entry of your blog, named as "lonely" to the "Best Bird Flu Blogs..." section of our site:

    We hope that we will have many further entries from you regarding the serious subject of the bird flu virus.

    Best-Bird-Flu-Blogs team.

  4. We just missed you we're not mad!! We just worry about you and want you to get better soon so you can do the fun things you like to do :)

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