May 15, 2006

Very Dishonest Mechanic – Part II

So I receive a phone call from the owner of Tucson Towing (Frank). This guy was rude! He did not even give me a chance to speak. He told me that they were supposed to drop the car off at the address for Marvin’s garage and that is what they did. He even mentioned the two garages in the same parking lot. I told him that his driver dropped off the car at the wrong garage. He then tells me he called his buddy Isaac at Apache Tire and that Isaac told him we approved all repairs and that he spoke to my husband before doing any work. WHAT?!?! My husband did not even know where the car had been taken. I told Frank that I was going to report Tucson Towing to the BBB and his response “You go right ahead. Our reputation is so squeaky clean that your complaint will not matter”.

So being as ticked off as I am I decided to call Isaac back to find out why he told this guy that we approved all repairs. Get this……all the numbers I have for Apache Tire have been disconnected! I love it!!!!!


  1. I second R's suggestion. Contact the police and ask to the department that handles fraud and dishonest business owners. Both companies are at fault. You may be able to recover the $$ from the towing company. I"m gonna email you...

  2. Well the towing did not cost me anything as it was paid by insurance. I just hate that this Isaac guy is so slimy. I am for sure going to contact the BBB about it but doubt the police can do anything.

  3. “You go right ahead. Our reputation is so squeaky clean that your complaint will not matter”.

    That's one of the most igornant statements I've heard in a long time! ROFL!

  4. you do what you need to do to feel like you have obtained some justice is this situation, or else they will keep doing it!

  5. Awe man! That sucks!!!! I agree with the others on contacting the police. Good luck!

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