May 15, 2006

Very Dishonest Mechanic

I am sure that the title speaks for itself and that everyone has a horror story or two with a mechanic. My horror story was not even my fault but the fault of the tow truck driver and the manager (and soon to be owner) – Isaac at Apache Tire Center at 3939 n 1st Ave. Tucson, AZ.

Last week the new car died. We were thinking it was the starter as whenever it gets hot outside we always have to hit the starter to get the car to start. This time no matter how much we hit the poor car, it would not start. So I called the roadside assistance and made arrangements for them to tow my car to a mechanic that is a friend of the family. Marvin is a nice really old man (think almost 90’s) that likes to tinker on cars. He may be slow but he is inexpensive and if the problem is something that would be cheaper if we fixed it ourselves he would let us know. I had called Marvin earlier in the day to tell him that my car was headed his way and verified the correct address and phone number. I then called for the tow. I made sure that they would only leave the car with Marvin and no one else (since Marvin’s garage is in the back of a complex). I should have known that this was going to be a hassle from the start. I never received a call telling me when they would arrive. I sat outside in the sun for about 90 minutes.

After the car was picked up I took Bryon some lunch and then went back home (over 3 hours outside with no A/C – Ick). At 3pm I get a phone call from Isaac from Apache Tire. He left a message stating that he had my car. Surprised, I called him back and apologized that my car was dropped off there, and that it was supposed to be dropped off at Marvin’s. Isaac then tells me that that Marvin told him (Isaac) that he did not know us and that we were not his customer. That really upset me as Marvin has known me since I was a baby and he would not say anything like that. Plus he knew my car was coming into the shop. I told Isaac that I would be picking up my car as soon as possible when Isaac then tells me that he has already fixed my car. WHAT?!?! I did not even get a phone call asking me if it was okay for them to work on my vehicle. I had no idea that they even had it. I was upset to find that to replace a battery it cost over $100.00 when we could have changed it ourselves. He then tells me another story saying that Marvin told him to work on the car. I told him this is different than what he first told me. So the only way to get our car back was to pay this thief.

When I got home I called my mom to tell her what happened. She agreed that the story did not sound right and called Marvin. Poor Marvin. He told my mom that he was still waiting for my car to arrive. My mom told him that his neighbors had fixed the car. Marvin did not even know it was there. So I call Isaac back. I tell him that I did not appreciate his dishonesty. That he told me two different stories and that I did not appreciate him taking money from an old man. His response? Well if I don’t like it I could just bring the parts back and then he hung up. He did not even apologize or admit to any wrong doing. I would love to take the parts back but I would still have to pay for labor.

I called Apache Tire this morning asking for the name of the owner. Isaac (the only one that answers the phone) tells me that Robert is the owner but he is no longer in business. I told him that his response was confusing. How could someone be the owner but no longer in business? He told me that he was thinking of buying the place. So I am here to tell you that this dishonesty goes all the way to the top. The owner of the shop is the one that did it.

Then I call the towing company (Tucson Towing). I had called them on Friday and the nice dispatcher told me I needed to call today (Monday) to speak to the owner. So I called. The person that answered the phone told me I would receive a phone call from the owner this afternoon. I told the person on the phone that I just wanted to know what was told to the driver that made him leave the car at the wrong garage. A few hours later I get a phone call from Woody. Woody tells me that they looked up the incorrect garage in the phone book and it did not exist. So he told me that they did not leave it at this incorrect garage. He went on to say that it did not matter about the name of the garage and that the driver just left the car there. I asked him if he honestly felt that it was okay to just leave a car because they could not find an address in the phone book. This man was very condescending and kept saying ‘Yeah. Whatever’. Come to find out he was not even the owner! I told him that I was expecting a call from the owner and that he led me to believe he was the owner. I told him I wanted to speak to the owner and this Woody guy basically said no. So off I go to the Better Business Bureau for this towing company.

I would love to contact the BBB for Apache Tire but I don’t think you can report someone for dishonestly can you?

See how I have the address up at the top. Guess where I found that? In the yellow pages. Yep! The yellow pages that the tow truck company says does not have this mechanic shop listed. I told them they needed a new set of yellow pages. be continued

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