September 8, 2006

Better late than never, right?

This is my latest layout.

I finished it sometime last week but barely scanned it in last night. It is, I think, page #4 of my challenge. That’s right only page #4. I sure am not doing too well on my challenge. I have not gone shopping but I have not scrapped either.

This layout is supposed to be for a
Scrappay Divas challenge but as usual I am late. Better late than never I say.

I may have not found time or energy to scrap lately but I did do something that will benefit me and I am sad to say has kind of overwhelmed me as well. I went thru all of my current pictures for 2004 & 2005. I took them all out of the little envelopes they come in when you get your film developed. I knew I had a lot of pictures but did not really grasp how many until I took them all out of those darn envelopes. Now I have a huge stack of photos amd I don't even know where to start. I have them all organized with post-its tabs with the year and month. I hope this will help me to select my photos faster as before I would open each envelope and just look and look. The sad thing is that the photos I have printed so far for 2005 are only up to the beginning of March and I have tons more to print out. I have not even thought about printing any of my 2006 pictures yet.


  1. Cute layout! I love the fact that the paw in the bottom picture is coming out over the border! I think I have those same letters and have used them for a vacation album.

    I do find that having pictures organized does help make scrapping easier. Much more efficient.

  2. I know what you mean! I have started uploading pics to because they're cheap and fast and because I just can't face purchasing all that photo paper and ink!

  3. Don't let it overwhelm you! Sounds like you are taking a step in the right direction to get them scrapped.

  4. Thanks Beth and thanks for stopping by my blog. You and Dana are my first two readers you know. :)

    I like that paw too. I did not have enough room on the page and really wanted the ribbon down there so cutting it was the only solution.

    I have a lot of these Basic Grey monograms and have only used them once before. I hope that I can use them more often.

    I agree about the picture organizing helping. I have not scrapped yet since I have done it but I am sure it will help. I have been on an organizing kick that comes and goes. Last night is was all about organizing my lumpy embellishments.


    Thanks Stefanie.

    For printing my photos I like Snapfish. One of the things I like about digital is that I don't have to print the photos out until I am ready to scrap them. When I only use my film camera there is that urgency to develop the film before it goes bad.


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