September 1, 2006

My crappy scrappy space

This is a first for me. What you will read next may shock you (or if you know me personally, maybe not).

I am not a “neat scrapper”.

But….who is? Right?

Seriously.....I have issues.

I am going to do something I have never done so be nice. See these pictures? This is where I scrap. This room is a mess. Not only do I have my scrapping stuff in this room but the computer and the huge-a$$ desk is in there. B has his art desk and supplies. Oh and his “action figures” aka dolls. LOL! All my craft stuff is in this room and whenever B feels like cleaning any other room he just throws it all in here. So it is a mess. A big mess! The only organized area seems to be the closet but that is because it is full of Iris carts. These pictures are from August 6th but nothing really has changed. Maybe some of the piles have been moved around a bit.

So….I have slowly been working at organizing my scrap stuff. I think once that is organized then I can work on the rest of the room. I need to make room for some of B’s stuff so he does not complain about all the space my stuff takes up.

I finally made a decision and I bought these Target cubes. I love them! Since I have such a small space (and small wallet) to work with I am only buying a few of these at a time. These pictures show how I have them organized so far. Now remember I took these photos right when I first put the cubes together so some are kind of empty. They basically still look the same but some have a bit more stuff in them (like the letter drawer).

What I really like about these cubes – well organizing in general is that I now SEE all that I have and I am already using that to my advantage. So far the scrapping I have done has gone a lot quicker as I don’t have to keep looking for stuff – although I am sure I will still loose my scissors under whatever it is I am currently working on. I have already picked up the habit of putting stuff away once I am finished too. I am such a good girl. LOL!


  1. Hey girl! I'm inspired already...looks great!

  2. Great job Stef! Before you know it the room will be clean!

  3. looks like it's coming along! have fun scrapping now ! :)

  4. I love the feeling of being organized but it's almost hard to touch anything because I don't want to mess it up again! Good luck girl!

  5. Stef, it's looking awesome!! You have inspired me to go up to my room tonight and GET BUSY ORGANIZING!!!! Congrat on your LO win!!!

  6. ooohhhhhh I have major cube envy now. I want some of those Target cubes. I even worked out an "arrangement" with someone who works at my local SuperTarget. I am trading a photo shoot for their discount. They're gonna buy mine when I save up enough...


    Your organization will pay off. you'll be happier with a cleaner space.

  7. Thanks.

    The room is still a work in process and I have not really made much progress. I keep getting distracted. LOL! I have ended up organizing some of the little things though. Like my photos and my lumpy embelishments. So I am still plodding along.

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