February 15, 2007

A "fairy" sweet package

I have always loved to send cards or letters to my friends. I have not done it as often as I used to and I miss it. One of my resolutions for this year is to cultivate the relationships I already have and I also hope to make new ones.

So, this past month I decided to join in on the SOSF (Valentine’s) parcel exchange. This event’s theme was “Handmade card & Chocolate.” (Isn’t that invitation gorgeous?) I love to pick out gifts for people although I do have a problem with worrying whether or not the recipient will like what I pick.

Well the fairy that sent me my package sure does not have to worry about whether or not I like MY package - 'cause I do! It was so exciting to open the box and look inside. (Sorry ~ due to my excitement of going thru the box, the lighting on these photos is not too great).

My new friend sent me some yummy chocolate in a cute red heart box (not even B got me one of those).

I also got some scrapbooking items that included some really cute iron-on bling. I have not seen this before and I just love it! I just need to pick out a shirt so I can brag about being the "Scrapbooking Queen!" :)

I also got a purr-fect (LOL!) kitty bowl and magnet. It really is a cute bowl.

And lastly….what I really loved was the handmade picture. How precious is that?

Thank you Amy for being such a great “fairy” friend. :)


  1. Cute stuff! What a fun idea. I'll have to try it next year.
    FYI, in response to your question about my "Hot Stuff" card, I embossed the flame with red EP and then applied a fairly thick layer of the red Stickles. It was completely dry in about an hour and it just ended up with a nicely raised 3-D effect. HTH! Have a great day tomorrow!


  2. Very nice package-o-goodies! Thanks for posting!

  3. SO glad you like the stuff. I always worry, too, especially when shopping for someone I don't really know. But I studied your blog for clues! :-)

    My local scrapbooking store is going out of business. Not enough business, I guess! So sad! Anyway, I was able to pick up a few things and I am glad you like them. I am still looking forward to getting my own SOSF package in the mail. It hasn't arrived yet!

    Have a great day and enjoy all that stuff! We had fun shopping and making it for you!

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