February 23, 2007


This week has gone pretty well.

Well from what I remember it went well.

I have been so busy with work that I cannot even remember what I did yesterday. The days are such a blur. I may have been tired every night after work and have not read any personal email in quite awhile but I got so much accomplished at work this past week. That is a good thing. YAY! However, I ate tons of junk. That is a bad thing.

Now that it is Friday, I am exhausted and it is really hard to concentrate. I think my body has crashed from all the sugar I ate this past week. I am so happy I got so much completed though. I think changing my WeeMee buddy helped to boost my mood and productivity.

Seriously. I really do.

The only thing is…..it is a drug taking WeeMee.

My WeeMee has more excitement in it’s life than I do.

All short girl wants to know is…..where the heck do I get that darn red pill?

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