February 5, 2007

Last week was not so good

I am so happy last week is over.

I lost my driver’s license and debit card on Tuesday. Talk about a mess. I have been without my debit card before but came to realize just how much a driver’s license is used now-a-days.

So without access to any money, I was not able to buy anything this weekend. I was not able to go to the post office to mail off these packages I have sitting here. I could not even use my credit cards as ID is required to use them (talk about embarrasing when I had nothing to show the gal this weekend). I was not even able to buy medicine as due to the law – a driver’s license is required to purchase.

On top of that I have been having sinus issues all week so I have not been a happy camper.

But you see….today is Monday and even though Monday’s are not supposed to be good – this one is.

I found my debit card and license today!

So even though I still have the sinus headache from this weekend, I can now go and purchase something to help. I can also get to the post office and buy bread. LOL!

This is a good day. :)

Well…. as long as I don’t think about how behind I am at work!

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