November 7, 2007


Last night and this morning have been quite hectic. I think I have had my fill of stress for the entire month.

B picked me up from class late last night because the car was over heating. He had to stop to let it cool off for a bit. Of course this is the day he also had the cell phone and it was left at home. We had problems before with the car overheating and it was due to the relay switch for the fan not turning on. The car heats up while it is stopped and usually cools down while it is moving. B wanted me to drive and even though I prefer to drive, it was hard not to get stressed out with B freaked out that the car would explode at every stop light. He did not want me to stop for anyting. I can tell you I did NOT enjoy the drive home.

This morning was also stressful. Today B has a couple of job interviews. The first one was at 9am and I have to be at school at 8am. We left a little early this morning in order for B to make it to his interview on time. On the way to school we got stopped by a train. A very LONG train! A very LONG and SLOW train on a rarely used track. We were stopped for a good 10 minutes or more and we decided it would be better to just drive back home (we were already more than half-way to school). We got home in time for B to go to his interview and then we drove me back to school. I had all these plans of taking lots of tests this morning and now I don’t really see that happening.

On a good note…

B was offered a job from this morning’s interview. YAY! Now he just has to see if he gets an offer from the other interview (it is a callback (2nd) interview). If he takes the first offer he will start tomorrow. :)

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  1. Oooh, I wonder if that's what's wrong with our car too... Hmmm.

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