November 18, 2007


It is weird how out of touch you can be when you stay away from the computer. I have not touched it in days and because of that, I forget what day it is. LOL~ It really does feel nice though. It was a nice break.

Nothing too exciting going on around here. The highlight of my weekend was taking my car in to emissions. It passed. I always breathe easier after the test is finished. Not that I expected my car to fail, but it is a test after all and I never know how well my car has studied before hand.

I also stopped by one of the local scrap stores to check out the new Creative Café. I really was not impressed. I bought a couple of felt pieces but that was about it. It really is quite pricey. I guess it is supposed to be a make-n-take station but this store is just selling the products. I spent $10 on 3-yards of felt ribbon and 7 small die-cut felt pieces. I cannot believe I did that!

Today B and I went to do a bit of grocery shopping. The first store we went to was a mob scene. Being the weekend before Thanksgiving we should have realized it would be crowded. B wanted to buy a Butterball turkey and it was too expensive at Fry’s. They wanted $1.29/pound {with card}. It was their most expensive brand. So, we decided to buy the turkey at Albertson’s where my mom bought hers. What a difference! That store was practically deserted. Their prices are higher on things but they were selling Butterball turkeys for .99cents/pound {no card needed}. We are planning on going to my family for Thanksgiving but B always likes to buy our own turkey so we can have left-overs. Nothing beats left-over turkey!

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