November 5, 2007

Time moves so quickly

What a waste of a weekend. I think the antibiotics I am on have made me feel worse than before I started to take them. The doctor has me taking 2000mg a day for what she “thinks” is the start of a sinus infection. I spent all day Saturday in bed except for a few hours to watch Torchwood and a movie. On Sunday I did manage to get myself out of bed but I never got dressed and just sat around the house. I got NOTHING done.

Today, of course I am much better. Isn’t that the way it always goes? I guess I cannot get too upset about getting sick over the weekend since I did not have to miss any days of class.

Speaking of class….I am starting to stress that I won’t finish in time. Who am I kidding? I have been stressing all along. I am supposed to be finished completely (with Internship) by the beginning of February. That means my class work needs to be finished by the beginning of January. The goal is supposed to be one med-term chapter a week. I have a lot more chapters than I have weeks.

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