November 12, 2010


Is it really Friday? It doesn't feel like Friday.

Too much drama at work this past week left me feeling drained by the end of each day. All my plans this past week for homework and studying went out the window, along with all my plans for making dinner, eating dinner and pretty much everything else I would normally do.

Add to that the instant chilly weather (about a 20 degree drop between Monday and Tuesday) and the fact that the furnace has not yet been turned on, it was just easier to sit near the portable heater and watch the cats play the most entertaining game of "How close can kitty get to the heater."

This past week has been a blur and now surprisingly it is Friday. The idea of homework & studying sounded good for a moment but the night is turning chilly and I must take the space-heater into the other room.

And since every blog post deserves a picture, here is one from April. Same kitties, same heater, just a different month. :-)

April 24, 2010: Snug as a cat on a rug


  1. stay warm! That's a really cute picture.

  2. They certainly have their priorities right!

    Have a good, restful weekend.

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