November 22, 2010

One down, lots more to go

I still have my silly notion of making some of this year's Christmas presents.

Remember gift #1? Well...I am still working on it. But while working on it I started on (and finished) gift #2. So I have one gift completed, but still have a few more left to make. I would share more details and pictures except the gift recipients have found my blog and I think they even read it. So all of that will have to wait until AFTER the holidays.

Lately though I have been waking up with numb hands, which actually for me is pretty normal even without all the knitting. So after a busy carpal tunnel-y week. I decided to take some time off. Time off from the computer and time off from all things knitting. I tried to take time off from other things as well but the husband needed clean socks and a person has got to eat. But other than the occasional load of laundry and a meal here and there, I didn't really do much this past weekend.

I did manage to watch (and get hooked on) the television show Survivors. Not Survivor, the live on an island and eat bugs show, but Survivors, the BBC show. I never watched it when it originally aired but after watching series one & two this past weekend (thank you Netflix instant streaming), I was hooked. Which is actually kind of sad since the show has already been canceled. Sigh...

So what did you do this weekend?

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  1. awesome that you were able to get a break from everything. Congrats on finishing project #2!

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