December 4, 2012

The start of the Blueberry {ripple}

I am 39 rows into my next ripple with only 21 days left until Christmas Eve. I have no idea how many rows I have left to go but I hope to finish crocheting this blanket in time to give it to Nephew 2.0 for Christmas.

I have actually been working on it a little bit here and there since the end of September, but I really haven't gotten very far. A fact that really shouldn't surprise me since apparently, I was in the same exact predicament last year.

I had all kinds of ideas of what colors to use but decided in the end to go with his favorite colors of blue and black and decided to use Red Heart With Love acrylic yarn. I had the hardest time trying to decide which yarn to use but thanks to SIX 50% off coupons the decision to use this yarn was made for me. You just can't beat paying $2.50 for a 370 yard skein. I have not used Red Heart in a very long time and the Red Heart With Love is a lot softer than the regular Red Heart. So far it hasn't been too bad to work with and hopefully it will be just like the regular Red Heart in that it will be indestructible and last forever, which is perfect for a teenage boy.


Blueberry {ripple}


  1. It looks lovely, I hope that you finish in time. What a lovely name 'Red Heart With Love'

  2. Thanks Anji. I hope I finish it too. Probably should be working on it more than I have been but it is growing, slowly but surely. :-)

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