January 30, 2014


Super fish-eye

Playing... with mini camera lenses. For Christmas, I got some iPhone lenses for my iPod Touch. I have been having a lot of fun using them. I even started a new iPod only 365 day photo project just so that I would have the perfect excuse to use them.


Caring... for a sick kitty. I am so happy that she is so much better than she was at the beginning of the month/year.

Cat on the run!

Eating... Lemon Oreos.

Crocheting... lots of squares. I joined the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 365 day project. I am crocheting one granny square every day for a year, with the color based on my mood. Or in my case, whatever color I feel is pretty that day. My yarn arrived late in the month so I have a lot of squares that I need to catch up on.


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