June 6, 2014

it's growing

My Games of Thrones mystery shawl is growing and getting larger. I love to see the pattern emerge the more that I work on it. I really love the color of the yarn too.

Right now, I am smack dab in the middle of Clue #2. Right at the part in the pattern where things start to get kind of scary. At least that is what I have read on the forums. Plus, the knitting instructions just LOOK scary.

I have been so tired when I get home after work that I have put off knitting anything so that I won't mess up. I don't want to move onto the scary part yet until I am more focused and alert and also because I need to find some extra stitch markers. Lots of extra stitch markers.

I hope to spend at least some of my time knitting this weekend. That is if I can find some stitch markers. Maybe I should just go out and buy some. But then I would have to wait some more and I really don't want to put off knitting on this project any longer. Decisions, decisions.

It's growing


  1. Split rings make dandy stitch markers and cost very little. Find them in the jewelry supplies section of any Big Box craft store. I love your shawl. Tempting to join this. I'll be back to follow your progress.
    Martha Rose - a fellow knitter of shawls and maker of ICADs. We know how to have fun!!

  2. Thank you Martha Rose. I will have to go out and get some split rings. :-)

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