December 10, 2014


First time ordering McDonald's coffee. I had no idea it came with whipped cream. Yum!

Posting... for all of you that aren't a Googlebot. Lately, my blog has been super popular with the Googlebots. Way too many Googlebots. Are there any Humans out there?

Wondering... if I will put up a Christmas tree this year. The bathroom redo is STILL in process and I don't think I could handle adding a tree to the toilet and vanity that are currently hanging out in the living room.

Weaving... in the ends of the first Christmas ripple blanket for this year. I am making 2 blankets this year. I just started crocheting the second blanket and I fear it won't be finished before Christmas.

Hoping... that the weather cools down some. 70 degrees just doesn't feel like Christmas. I would like to get to wear a sweater at least once this season. For goodness sakes, I am wearing flip flops in December!

Thinking... that my sweet Cairo kitty may not make it to the end of the year. She starts to not do as well but then she keeps bouncing back, so I am never sure what is going on.

So sleepy


  1. I think about Cairo a lot. She's had such a long and happy life, but it won't make it any easier <3

  2. Thanks Lis. Today is a good Cairo day. :-)

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