April 7, 2015

C is for Creosote

Ask people who are from the Sonoran Desert what they love (or miss) the most, and the majority will tell you that it is the smell of the rain. Rain in the desert has a distinct smell and it's all thanks to the Creosote Bush.

Creosote is a green bush with yellow flowers and white fuzzy seed pods. It can spread via its root system, so what may look like many plants may actually be just one.

If you love the smell of Creosote after the rain, you can smell it every time you shower by cutting some branches and keeping them in your bathroom.


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Photo by



  1. Beautiful photography! Was raised in Arizona but never knew it was the aroma of creosote.

  2. How lovely the flowers look! And I learnt a new thing today. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Glad to learn this. The only creosote I ever heard of is kind of like tar and has a strong smell not pleasant.

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