April 15, 2015

I is for Ironwood

The Ironwood tree is found only in the Sonoran Desert. It is one of the largest and longest-lived of the Sonoran Desert plants. Its wood is among the densest in the world and it sinks in water. This tree is known as a "nurse tree." Many different animals and plants live and grow under its protection.

When I close my eyes and remember, I can see the Ironwood seeds littering the ground, but I cannot recall ever seeing an Ironwood tree in bloom. I hope to see this tree in bloom someday. From what I have seen in pictures, the Ironwood is a very pretty tree when in bloom.

Photo by Doris Evans

Ironwood Blossoms
Photo by Ken Bosma


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  1. I'm not among the desert flora enough to see or recognize these plants. When I'm in the desert I'm flying by on the highway. I'd like to take the time someday to enjoy it a bit more.

    Nice visiting on the chat today. We're looking into the email you receved.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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