April 19, 2015

K is for Kit Fox

When I was a young girl and learning about the animals that live in the Sonoran Desert, I always picked the same animal as a favorite. The Kit Fox.

The Kit Fox is the smallest and rarest member of the dog family. It has very large long ears and fur on the soles of its feet.

They are mostly nocturnal and due to their coloring they blend quite well into their natural environment. They rarely have to drink any water as they get what they need from the food that they eat.

Other than at the Arizona Desert Sonoran Museum (a zoo for desert life), I have never seen a Kit Fox in the wild. 

How could I not choose this animal as one of my favorites? Isn't it just the cutest?

Photo by Mark A. Chappell

Photo by



  1. The cutest! :-) Thank you for the comment, Sunday Visitor.

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