November 14, 2005

5 days later

Thanks to a great friend of mine, B and I were given passes to see the sneak preview of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (Of course I feel she is a great friend even if she did not give us the passes). It was a 10am show and we got there about an hour before. Even though the line was long there were some empty seats in the theatre (up front). B and I lucked out as I was asking a poor young girl how many seats she was saving (I don’t agree with saving a whole row or a ton of seats for someone who does not get there on time) and the woman in the next row asked me how many seats I needed. She moved down one so B and I could sit together and up in the risers and not in the front of the theatre. All the best seats (2 rows in the middle) were saved for the reviewing press which only about 5 showed up! There were quite a few people there without passes that bullied their way in as well.

As for the show….it was okay. B is not a big Harry Potter fan but managed to stay awake during this one (it took him 3 tries to see the first one). This one was very dark and I would think scary for the younger kids in the audience. Lots of scary images and even death. That Harry Potter sure is growing up!

I have found a new addiction and I find it really weird as I am so stingy when it comes to buying jewelry and have spent hours or even days thinking about an item before making the purchase. On the site that is causing this addiction, I only have 15 minutes (sometimes less) to make a decision. All items are free and I only pay $5.99 for shipping. I have to be careful about the earrings as I do have an allergy to nickel but that has not stopped me from ordering a few pendants. In fact I decided today that I think I know what I will be buying my family (at least the females) for Christmas. So if you read this blog and you know you will be getting a gift from me – please forget what I wrote above!!! So far, I have only purchased a couple of pendants – but right now I just bought this ring!!! I don’t even know what size ring I wear but I bought this one anyways. I don’t know why I bought a ring. I sure do hope it fits~!!!!! I am thinking I can wear it on my middle finger as that is my fattest one. LOL! There is a pair of earrings that I really want to purchase but according to the schedule, they will not be available for sale until 17 hours from now. I guess I need to get up early tomorrow. My only fear is finding something as a gift but really liking it for myself.

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    My cats get tired of me snapping shots too LOL But every once in a while I get a good one before the leave LOL Usally when they are alseep or just waking up so they are not moving to fast LOL

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