November 27, 2005


Toady it is FREEZING!!! The wind is blowing and it is 50 degrees!! It is officially winter in my book. I actually got to wear a sweater today ~ a thick one! That is a big thing for me. I LOVE my sweaters.

I have lots to do today and as usual I have left them all to the last minute. I did manage to get out for a bit and wandered over to the scrapbook store where I got to use my coupon (buy $50 and get $15 off ~ Yeah like that was hard). The scrapbook store near me is running a special every week so I hope I don't go too crazy on the spending (Yeah considering I am the tightwad with money that will not be happening). After leaving the scrapping store I stopped by the grocery store for quarters. Good thing I remembered to pick some up as that is the whole reason I left the house today.

So now it is time for some laundry, some kitchen cleaning and making of some yummy potato cheese soup. Yep! It is officially winter in my book! Hmmm I wonder if it is time to change the ole blog template to my winter one.


  1. Am I a flake? hee hee It is soooo cold and I too am excited to finally wear my sweaters. I like my winter wardrobe much more than my summer one. Too bad we don't get to wear it for very long eh?

  2. I hate clothes! I'd rather it just be 70 or 80 all the time. It's too cold!

  3. A - Well are you one of my best friends? :-) Today is not as cold as Sunday and being inside at work is quite warm. I am wearing a sweater and it is making my pants all 'linty.'

    R - Now why doesn't your comment surprise me? LOL!

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