November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

For those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. For those of you that don't I wish you a happy Thursday!

Thanksgiving this year will be spent at my in-laws. I am missing my family already and the small gathering of 20-25 people that my mom says will be there (all family too!!!!). B's side of the family is quite small for my tastes. Just his parents, his brother and his brothers family. So we are looking at 10 people (four of which are children). I am excited and thankful that I will get to see my sister-in-law who I love dearly and my 4 nieces (one of which is over one year and I have not met yet). So I am prepared to take tons of girl pictures! I am just debating on if I want to just take my digital which has the smallest memory card EVER or just take my trusty film camera with all the film I still have. My SLR (film) camera takes the best pictures as I am still trying to figure out how to make my little digital take pictures that I like. I sure do miss my depth of field. For those of you that know that term.....I used that ALOT! Well I did anyways in my photography portfolio. Why? Cause I love it! I keep trying to take pictures using all the tricks I know but they just don't turn out the same with this digital so I am left with just snapshots. Don't get me wrong, snapshots are not bad but I really miss taking a photo that when I look at it I go 'WOW'!

Well this Thanksgiving post has really gone off on a tangent. Back to the subject of Thanksgiving.

Everyday I try to think of the things I am thankful for. They usually rush quickly thru my mind and I never actually thought of writing them down. Writing them down makes them permanent and quite personal.

I am thankful...

...for my family and that they are all still here with us
...for the friends that I have. (Most of them may be new but I already hold them dear to my heart)
...for my health
...for my job and the roof over my head
...for my life (for I never thought I would live past 16, 18 or even to my 30's)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don't forget to wear comfy pants!

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