November 22, 2005

I need a title, Darn it!

Each day at work I feel more like a grown up. Maybe because I am no longer at the bottom of the totem pole taking calls. I have moved into my new ‘office’ (cube) and I love it!!! I still have pretty much everything in boxes but I know I will eventually have everything unpacked. I find it hard as I have so much more room but I also have so much crap and I don’t know where to put everything. It is hard having lots of choices! Now that I actually have real desk space I can go and buy neat-o office thingies. I even have room for pictures! Yet another picture of me taken at the END of the day. This picture only shows very little of my new space. As soon as I unpack I will show it off.

It is now winter. Winter means nice clothes. Why? Well because all my winter clothes are nice clothes so I HAVE to dress up for work. It was also time to update the old hair color. Heck I was bored and needed something to do. I decided to go dark. As you can see it is also quite red (in certain light). I like it. I have not had my hair this color for awhile. And I like it even more now that I washed it again and my scalp is now the normal white and not red like in this picture. B was worried about it being so dark and not red (he likes the lighter red) but he did notice the red last night so I think all is good. Actually it is more of a burgandy/plum purple but hey guys don't really know colors. One of these days he will realize I dye my hair the colors that I like not what he likes. :-)

Okay here is my gripe for the day. I love my co-workers in my new group/department but there is one woman that just ticks me off. I don’t think I have written about my new group before as I wanted to get to know them first before passing any judgments. Well not anymore. This woman is a witch no matter how many chances I give her.

So let’s start at the beginning. When I first moved into my new group we were in a smaller room full of cubes. There were other departments in there and the majority of the people working in there were temps. This woman (at the time) was a temp. On the morning after my move someone sent an anonymous email to our group. Here is the email that was sent:

It has been requested to remind everyone to have consideration of others working in our small area:
Loud conversation whether it is with other team mates or even on the phone can be disruptive.
Using speaker phones to check audix or make calls can be distractive as well.
Laughter, however, enjoyable to hear, can break concentration and work flow.
Please assure you are being considerate to your neighbors.

What the F!?!?!?! Laughter is not allowed? This email ticked off a lot of people as no one 'requested' any of this. I was ticked because….the day before it was sent I did some laughing. I like to laugh. Since when is laughing not allowed in the workplace? Well the woman did not admit to sending it but the managers all think she did. The managers were livid over this email.

So fast forward to just a few days later. I am sitting at my desk when a co-worker walks in for the day. We say hello and so did the other 2 co-workers next to him. He has not even clocked in for the day and was off the clock when this woman comes over and tells us all to get to work. EXCUSE ME??? I have worked for this company for 6 years and my own manager has never had to tell me to ‘get to work’ and now this TEMP has the nerve to do so? Well I spoke to someone about it and the other co-workers had also complained so this woman was taken in to speak to her manager. It appears that this woman would keep track of what everyone else was doing. If you got up from your desk she would write down the time and then time you when you were away. It did not matter if you were in a meeting or on lunch. She kept track of everyone’s time. This was not her job. She was a TEMP! She was told she ticked off a full-timer (ME) and to stop. She did not bother me again. The classic moment came when this particular manager came into the room and complained loudly that it was too quiet and proceeded to make A LOT of noise! Lots of laughing was done that afternoon.

Now fast forward to today. We are having a potluck in our group. (MAN! This group is always having potlucks). Well there were only two of us here this morning so I cleaned out an empty cube and placed the food in it. This was the only empty cube without computer equipment and I wiped down the tabletop. Well everyone was putting their food in this particular cube. Until this woman just had to have her own way and did not think it was good enough and cleaned out the cube next to hers and moved all the food into it. I don’t care about that but the comment she threw my way of ‘that cube you picked is not clean enough and does not have enough room’ is what threw me into a tizzy. What? There are only 8 of us and not everyone brought food. Argh! I guess I need to learn how to work with women. But man! There is only so much a person can take. Well that person being me and since I take everything so personally anyways, I can only take very little. :-)

I am so happy this week is a short week but I have so much to do before I can take time off for the holiday. Why is it when there is tons of work to do, I don’t feel like working at all? Maybe this headache I have may have something to do with it? Or maybe the idea of a 4-day weekend? Anyone in the same boat?


  1. I see bling? And I love the hair.

    Some people just have to be right and in control all the time. Try not to worry about her.

  2. Thanks R.

    I am really liking this color I chose. It is called Chocolate Cherry. It is yummy!

    Well this woman was really nice and chatty to me today. Of course I don't think she knows that she ticked me off yesterday as I have not said anything to her and neither has anyone else.

    Here is a funny. We put our leftovers in a box with her name in it in the fridge last night. Well this morning we went to get the donuts from the box and the box was missing. We have not even been in this new building for a week! She put a nasty note on the fridge. I can't wait to see what happens.

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