February 10, 2006

Happy Friday! Now let's PARTY!

Yesterday was a weird day. We had something that looked a little like rain (well enough to just get the windows irritatingly dirty after I just cleaned them). However according to the news there was no rain so we are now at 116 days of no rain.

After I left work I drove home in the non-existent rain and cold.
That was another surprise….the cold. It was the kind of cold that kind of makes you think it is Winter but how could it be since this season they call Winter does not exist in real life. But it was cold so I played a fun game called 'Let's pretend it is Winter.' So since I was in this Winter mood, I did something I have not done in oh so long. Yep! You guessed it! I knitted! Whoo hoo!!! I am so proud of myself. I worked for a couple of hours on my rectangular shrug. I am proud to say that it is now a few inches longer but still a long way off before it is finished. I wonder if I can finish it before the temps reach 100 degrees. I cannot really say for sure as it is supposedly ‘Winter’ and yet the temps have been in the 80’s.

So I read what I just wrote and there should be no surprises to me why my blog is so boring. I don’t know why I expected anything different. For example, I spent last night knitting and watching ‘While You Were Sleeping’ on TV while B was sleeping on the sofa (kind of funny now that I think back on it). Actually it was a good night for me as when B sleeps I can watch whatever the heck I want! I was the KING of the remote and let me tell you that felt great!!!! What is it with men needing to have control of the remote ALL. THE. TIME???

Now what I should have been doing instead of knitting, was getting ready for the PARTY (ummm..I mean scrapbook sleepover) that is happening tonight. Since I don’t really have any pages planned to scrap, I think I will just bring everything with me. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING!!! I am really looking forward to a great time tonight and I really hope I don’t get too tired and fall asleep too early. B has been teasing me a lot about this sleepover. MEN! They just don’t get it.

Thus ends my post. The post that will start off this PARTY WEEKEND!!!

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  1. You sure used the word "Party" alot again :p It was fun!! We'll have to plan another in a few months.

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