February 7, 2006

My complex SUCKS!

I really need to move. I did not get to take my walk today because when I pulled into the parking lot this evening I was greeted by this! This picture is just 4 of the cars. Missing is the one that had all the windows busted out and my neighbors truck as they already covered up the window. I think I counted about 7 damaged cars when I first pulled in. I don't know if there were more that were moved before I got home but some were gone by the time I got out there with my camera. I am SO happy I went to work today and that this did not happen when I stayed home yesterday. I guess all these cars were people that were home or got other transportation. What ticks me off is that this is not a surprise. The management at this apartment complex sucks!!! They are renting to the WORST people!! I sure miss the years that B and I had the complex basically to ourselves. I remember when we first moved in we were told there were no discounts to residents as that brought in the bad element. Now...yep you guessed it...all new tenants get discounts. The bad element is HERE!

I called the after hours number to see if security would be here tonight and really wanted to let management know that I did not feel safe in parking my car in the lot. Instead I got a lot of crap from the after hours girls. The first one I talked to told me that parking was not an after hours issue. I told her I was not calling about parking but about vandalism. I asked about security and was told that they cannot even call security until after 9pm. She took a message for management to call me. Well since management never called me I called back. I asked for the girl's name (as she sounded like the first one I talked to). This is where the attitude came in. She promptly told me...."I am proud to tell you my name...blah blah blah...." She then continued to try to spell it out etc. I told her not to bother. I asked for her supervisor. She told me there were only 2 of them in the office. Then while talking to her a bit more she says there are 3 in the office. I told her to make up her mind. Sheesh! I asked her if the vandalism was already being dealt with and she told me that no one else had called and that I was probably making it up! Okay that is where I lost it!!!! I made sure that they got a few more calls from some angry owners of broken windows. I did warn my neighbors that the management would probably tell them 'Too bad, so sad' as they did to us BOTH times our windows got busted.

Zipingo here I come. This complex gets a bad review all the way!!!! Too bad my lease is not up for quite a few months.


  1. You definately need to move! Wanna buy a cute single wide trailer? Better neighborhood :D ;p

  2. I would SO love to buy a place of our own but that will not happen for quite awhile unfortunately. Your neighborhood is not bad either as that is where B grew up!

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