February 13, 2006

The post that never ends

I had planned to have boo-koo updates this weekend but got caught up in this whole life thing. So now this will be the Post that never ends!

Friday night, I met up with Happay Mommay and Crazy Momma for a scrapping sleepover. We stayed up till 2am scrapping away until we could scrap no longer. It was great to get together with friends. Although I am known for never finishing a page (I am such a slow scrapper) when cropping with friends, I did manage to get some finished or partially finished. As soon as I get them unpacked and scanned I will put them up on the site.

I got home around 11am on Saturday morning. I vegged out for a couple of hours and then left to run my full day of errands. I had so much to do. I had to go to the bank and deliver a couple of orders. I also wanted to look around Michael’s at some ribbon. Well…..I never made it to the bank and only got to deliver one order. The order was for my aunt and I always enjoy visiting with her. My cousin was also there so the three of us had a great time visiting. I think I was there about 3 hours! Since the second order was for my Mom and I knew I would see her the next day I just went to Michael’s. My plan was to look at ribbon and rub-ons. Well one hour and $20.00 worth of ribbon later I finally started my drive home. I cannot believe I spent $20 on ribbon! I blame Happay Mommay for telling me about Michael’s ribbon!!!! I kept finding new ribbon and putting ribbon down and picking it back up again! I could NOT make up my mind! I hate when I get like that. I have a feeling I will be visiting Michael’s again soon and then I will be in trouble.

Sunday was my birthday.

B got me roses. I have not had flowers in so long. I LOVE them! We had a nice afternoon sitting around watching movies. I even got to see a chick flick! How awesome is that. B must really love me or something. LOL! Sunday night my Mom had us over for steak. My brother did not show up with the kids and that did make me sad for a minute as I really did want to see them but it was very nice to just have Me, DH and my parents there. It was a wonderful birthday dinner. Steak baby!!! YUM!!!

Now it is Monday. I came into work to find my cube decorated. I don’t know how they found out it was my birthday as I did not tell anyone. I knew that the girls in India knew and it was nice to get a birthday card from them. My friend Rosie made an awesome Pineapple upside-down cake and another co-worker brought in brownies.

Also, my boss just came home from India bearing gifts so all-in-all it was a fantastic day!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Stefani dear,
    Happy days will come to you all year,
    If I had one wish than it would be
    A very happy birthday to you from me!

  2. I'm glad your weekend turned out so wonderful, especially your birthday! Happy Birthday!

  3. Thank you my friends.

    I really had a wonderful time scrapping with you the other night.

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