February 22, 2006

Scrap Time! NOT!

I left work yesterday in the mood to scrap. On the way home I stopped by the scrapbook store. I did not plan to spend anything except a few cents for some metal letters. When I walked into the store I remembered they had an album on hold for me so I knew the spending would not be a small amount. Since I was in the store anyway I just had to look at the new Basic Grey. I had seen a few of the new lines at the Scrapbook Expo I went to last weekend. Weirdly they did not have these particular lines out in the store but they did have a couple of the new lines they did not take to the Expo. I got to look thru the Oh, Baby! Girl and the Urban Couture line. I LOVE THEM! I started grabbing at sheets and there was no hope for me.

And to a couple of you out there that I may have mentioned that I did not see what the big deal was about this pachyderm paper, I apologize. This paper just did nothing for me, that is until I saw it in person. I ended up buying a couple of sheets. It is perfect for the twins’ first birthday pics.

I then get home and waiting for me is a little key to the big mail box. I get so excited when I see that little key. Inside the big mail box was you guessed it, my Blitzen order. It was about time!!!! I think that I have not been in the mood to scrap because I want to scrap these snow pictures and really needed the Blitzen. I sure do hope I end up using it as I bought the entire pack and I really only wanted one pattern.

Getting my Blitzen order really did keep me in the mood to scrap. Want to know how many pages I did? Zero! I sat down to scrap and the mood just left. I don’t know where it went but it never came back. I kept getting up and sitting back down but nothing was accomplished in the way of scrapping. I decided that the birthday pictures that I want to scrap need to be reprinted in a smaller size. I can figure out how to edit my pictures so that they are 4x3 but how do I paste them together to make a 4x6? Do I stitch them just like my layouts? I have Photoshop and even PSP and cannot figure out how to merge the two without stitching. I cannot even get the layers to work. My goal is to just print one 4x6 and have 2 photos on it. Is there anyone out there that can help me with this?


  1. I totally did NOT need to know that MMU had that wonderful paper on the shelves. I was NOT going to buy anything this week but oh my I may just have to! Friday sounds like a Subway day. Maybe I'll just end up down at that intersection. Purely accidently of course LOL

  2. YES you did need to know this. This is extremely important information to know.

    I need someone to tease since Happay Mommay was really good at teasing me about the darn Blitzen snowflake paper AFTER I ordered the entire pack!

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