July 20, 2007


YAY! I got the call I was hoping for. My training was approved! I am so happy. I just hope we can survive while I am going to school.

I just have one more meeting to attend before I start my training but it is just a formality. As of now, I can just concentrate on getting ready for our move. For the past three days I have been doing nothing but throwing stuff out and organizing a bit to make it easier for the move. I am looking forward to some different furniture. Although the furniture is not even close to our style I really do appreciate B’s parents giving us their old things. We will be getting a set of couches, a new mattress (YAY) and a new table. A WOODEN table! Since my in-laws will be giving us their old table, we no longer need the one we have. I am SO happy that I finally get to throw out our table. I have hated it since B bought it 14 years ago. It is round. It is glass. To me it is just the worst ever! I was able to drag 2 of the chairs down to the dumpster today and another is currently sitting outside. Tomorrow, I will drag that one and it’s mate to join the other 2 at the dumpster. I am already doing the happy dance! :)

I don’t really have that much moving experience. I would really appreciate any advice you all have.


  1. Congrats Stef! What are you going to study? My only advice is travel LIGHT! If you haven't used it in a long time, toss it! Good luck and enjoy your new place!

  2. Umm, label everything on the outside, on all four sides. And be there when the boxes get sorted. Don't leave it to any guys or all your stuff will get stacked in the garage and you will never find anything.

    Oh. And don't expect to unpack everything in any kind of reasonable amount of time. It won't happen.

    And put your toothbrush, soap, shampoo, hair brush, (stuff that you would need to sleep over for a night or two somewhere) into a bag along with a change of clothes and leave it in your car. You won't have to worry about which box all that stuff is in. Any important bills, papers, etc. should go with this stuff.

    Have your doctor check your thyroid. If you can go to the doctor. For the sleepiness. It could be that your thyroid is out of whack.

    Excited about the move!
    And your being accepted for school!
    Hope your kitty is okay!
    I like the picture on the right, too!
    Sorry I have not visited in forever. I have not been on the computer forever! Hope all is well and that your move goes well. Keep in touch.

  3. I moved 14 times in seven years. Then I bought a house and stayed there for five years. Trust me. It got so bad that nobody would help me move anymore.

    Oh, yeah, tie everything down in the trucks. Even the entertainment center. If it seems so big and heavy that it can't possibly fly up and out of the back of the truck...it can. Tie it down.

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