July 2, 2007

Living off~line

I have been trying to spend my days doing more than just being online. It sometimes can be hard, especially since I was online 8+ hours a day for my job for the last 7+ years. Not to mention the time spent online after work.

So what have I been up to? Well let’s see……

My brother brought the clan over to go swimming. Little Ducky did NOT want to get into the water at first. Even riding on daddy’s back, he made sure his feet did not touch the water. LOL! Of course, little Anna was floating around like a little Paris Hilton.

After a quick swim it was time chips & salsa.

How funny is that 2nd picture? Talk about spicy salsa!

All in all I took 119 photos! I don’t think I have ever taken so many photos in just one day.


Thanks everyone for the comments on my kitty.The medicine for Cairo kitty came yesterday, so we started her on the pills today. This is the first time I have ever had to give a cat a capsule. This particular kitty is NOT very cooperative when it comes to having to take medication. I have to say that both doses today went very well. Now if only they will go as well for the next 2 weeks. I sure do hope they work too. My kitty has been sick since we got her about 6/7 years ago. She is taking Ronidazole. I may have to call the vet tomorrow though as from what I am reading online, her dose seems to be much higher than recommended.


In my quest to declutter before our move (did I mention we were moving?), I got rid of 3 bags of clothes and I’m working on getting rid of lots more. My goal is “if it does not fit, get rid of it!” I don’t know why that has always been so hard for me to do. I have also told myself that if it is NOT my style to get it out the door. We will have limited space in our new place and I need to get ready for that.

I even cleaned out my Tupperware. What I want to know is...just how did I end up with so many lids and no bottoms to go with them?


And silly me....I even cast on for a new thread project but after the 2nd round I scrapped it. I have only worked with thread once before and my fingers need to get used to the tiny crochet hook. I may pick it back up again sometime this week though. Maybe this time I will take a picture before I rip it all up. :)

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