July 17, 2007


Today I turned in all my paperwork in order for me to go to school. Now the waiting begins. My request has to go to committee, which only meets on Wednesday. However, for some reason my case-worker is not going to send it to committee until next week. I hope that the committee will approve it and I can start school in a couple of weeks.

So now that I no longer have that stress looming over me, packing can begin in earnest. But now I have a new stress. It has to do with our new place. We loved it the moment we saw it and since we know someone that lives there the guy was willing to hold it for us with our deposit. We mentioned to him that we would need to get together closer to our move-in date to sign the lease. Today, the guy who owns the property came into B’s work and B mentioned that we would like to meet with him to sign the lease. He told B that he does not work with leases. Now I am freaked out. He never told us this when we first mentioned the lease. I really don’t want to move into a place without a lease but I also don’t want to be out $600 either. The person we know that lives there has been there 4 years so far without a lease and has no complaints. My better judgment says to find another place but B wants us to keep this place. So, I guess we will be moving next weekend into our nice and newly updated place with no lease.

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