July 23, 2007


Sunday was a busy day. B’s mom had offered to buy us a new mattress and some end tables from Target. What we got was a new bed, new end tables AND new couches and none of them from Target. I finally have a coffee table! We had planned on getting my in-law’s old couches but we found such a good deal, B’s mom decided to get us new couches. The color is not one that I would have picked but B likes them so we went ahead and got them. They will all be delivered to our new place next week. Since we won’t have to take most of the large items with us, it should be easier to move.

In my attempts to put like items together when I pack them, I found yarn I did not even know I had. I guess I hid more items than I thought. Awhile back, in an attempt to organize my yarn and yarn projects, I bought a big storage container. It is so full right now and I still have more yarn to put into it. Right now though, all my yarn is in plastic bags and tossed in the container. I think if I took the stuff out of the bags, it would all fit but I found that this container does not seal well and I don’t want the yarn to be ruined. It is not expensive yarn but I am sure I can still make something out of it. Some of the items are also projects-in-process and I don’t want to spread the project around.

I still don’t know how I am going to pack up my scrapping supplies. At first, I was thinking that I would just keep the supplies in the drawers and take the drawers to the new place with the stuff still in them. Now I wonder if it would be better to throw everything into a box. I had hopped to reduce my scrapping supplies before the move but that is just not going to happen.

I really do appreciate all the packing advice everyone is leaving in the comments. My goal is to throw out items that I have not used but that is easier said than done. I HATE throwing things out if I think I can find a use for them. And that is the problem, I think I can use them but I never end up using them. I am going to try my best but I am sure I will still end up packing things that should have been tossed. I hope that if there is not a place for them at our new place, I will throw them out when I unpack.

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