August 22, 2012

peek-a-boo sun

It rained today.

How do I know that?

A co-worker announced that it was raining and that the weather radar showed a huge storm. So, I looked it up and this is what it looked like. See that green stick pin smack dab in the middle? That is where I live.

OMGee that is a lot of rain!

Weather radar is usually all I have to go by when I am stuck inside. Well...that and Facebook. People love to post about the rain on Facebook (I have no shame, I am totally guilty of this). I usually end up making a call to the husband, just to make sure that it is indeed raining. That is, if he doesn't call me first.

You could say, rain is a pretty big deal around here.

I was looking forward to seeing the rain when I got off of work today. But when the time came to go home, the rain was no where to be found and there was the sun, all bright and shiny. Well, there is always tomorrow.

peek-a-boo sun

August Break 2012


  1. I'm waiting for rain as I type this...

  2. Anji, I hope you get your rain. :-)

    Apparently, it rained most of the night here. Of course being that I was asleep, I didn't get to enjoy it.

  3. I hope you will get to see some of that rain. I live in NJ and it's the sun I miss most times ;o)

  4. Isn't it funny how we get SO excited about rain!! haha. It did rain yesterday. But I fell asleep and missed it all ;-/

    I have one tiny tall and pretty much blocked out window at work. I often find myself calling my mom and asking her if it is raining, 'cause I feel like it is. lol

  5. It's been raining here like crazy, I can hardly wait for some sunshine!

  6. Thanks Imene. Still no rain. I think it has gone away for good. :-(

  7. Erika, It is quite silly to get so excited about the rain but it is the desert and it is really one of the only things to get excited about, don't you think? Especially during monsoon season. :-)

    Hopefully we will get a few more showers before the summer is over.

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