August 29, 2012

Things will be different now

New Wheels! Whoo hoo!

We are finally a 2 car family again! 

No more rearranging of the schedules. No more deciding who drops off who at work.

I will get to go straight to work in the morning, come straight home afterwards (or not) and not have to leave again unless I want to. 

I will get to make dinner while the sun is still out and then eat it at a decent hour.

I will be free to make plans, accept invites. Yippee! Yay!

Maybe I will even have enough energy to do my classwork on a week night. C'mon, it could happen.

I didn't think it was that long ago that we ended up with only one car but I looked it up and it has actually been about 6-years since the devil car died. 6-years is a long time.

August Break 2012


  1. Freeeeeedom! Yey for you and your new car!

  2. That sounds great.Enjoy your new car.

    We only have one car but I only have to climb the stairs to get to my place of work.

  3. ZOMG... yeah, we are a one car family. It's SO hard to schedule everything in our busy lives.

  4. Yay! We are still a one car and it's driving me crazy!

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