December 10, 2005

I can see clearly now

This past week has been hard for me. I was super tired and even stayed home sick on Thursday so that is the explanation for my lack of content. That said....I have been keeping a secret from you. Well it is not a 'real' secret in the fact that it is not something juicy and exciting but it is exciting to me.

Last Saturday, I finally got off of my rear and went in for contacts. It has been years since I have worn them (maybe 4 or 5 years). I have the most awesome vision plan at work. I have worked there 6 years and have never used it. Well I finally did. I got contacts and glasses BOTH! (funky glasses too!) So this past week was my re-introduction into the contact lens wearing world. The funny is that I ended up going to the first eye doctor I ever had when I was 12. He must have been really young then because he sure does not look like he has aged much.

For my first week, I did pretty good except I could not see very well out of my left eye. When I first went in for my exam I tried a stronger prescription but the doctor put a lower rx in that did not mess with my perception as much and sent me home. Well come to find out the person that handed me the contacts gave me my left one inside out (I did not think I would need to double check) so I wore it that way pretty much the entire week. Well until last night that is. It worked much better once in was in my eye the correct way but the rx was still off. What is weird it that my eye did not even feel like the contact was in wrong. I thought of the idea to check it on Thursday only after the contact on my right eye DISAPPEARED into my eye! Can you say OUCH!?! It hurts just as much as I remembered. After having my co-worker make sure it was no where on my clothing I proceeded to the restroom where I fiddled with my eye until I found that darn contact! I cleaned it off and put it back in and boy did it STING! Well I had put it in my eye inside out and that is what prompted me to check my left contact. So today I went in for my first checkup and to pick up my extra contacts and my funky glasses. After waiting for ONE hour, I saw a different doctor and told her about the rx and she put in the original rx. Let me tell you. IT. IS. GOOD. TO. SEE. IN. FOCUS. (that and wearing cool sunglasses again) I will no longer be the weirdo chick closing first one eye and then the other to compare the focus of each eye. Sadly, my glasses were not ready and now I have to wait for my contacts to be re-ordered. Hopefully sometime this week they will both be in and I will be able to show off my new look with my funky glasses.

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  1. I love being able to see! I can't wait to see your new looks. :)

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