December 9, 2005

Static aka My hair has a life of it's own

I have issues with static. Usually my issues revolve around me shocking someone or myself by touching. I am constantly shocking myself each time I go to open the car door. And these small jolts of electricity are not without some pain. Sometimes I have hurt others and even myself with the charge.

But I have never had a problem with static and my hair, until recently that is. I know that I have always wanted more body in my hair but this is ridiculous! hair has so much static it is unreal. My hair is long and very fine/thin. When I try to brush it – I end up having a halo of hair. I hair spray it to death, I have conditioned it, I use shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. But none of these things help. I am not used to this.

Can anyone help me? Does anyone know how to get rid of static?


  1. Static guard? JK

    Products for dry hair are not going to reduce the static and unless you have dry hair I wouldn't use them. There is sooooo much static in the air right now because it is so dry outside that even fabric softener isn't taking all the static out of some of my clothes. I'm not sure what the solution is though. I'm using Australian Organics shampoo and conditioner for fine hair and I have less static but it depends on the day. I think it has more to do with the air outside then anything we are using.

  2. Well with all that I do to my hair, using shampoo for dry hair is a must. It is the only thing that detangles my hair. I tried using a new product but dh did not like it.

    I guess not having rain for over 50 days may be part of the problem? I just want to be able to brush my hair. Ya know?

  3. Try running a used dryer sheet over your hair, it should catch the static.

    You could use an unused one too, but then your hair would smell like laundry all day.


  4. Thank you Natalie.

    Smelling like laundry cannot be all that bad.

    I think I may have a used dryer sheet around here somewhere. I wonder how old it can be?

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