December 17, 2005

My feet are tired

Whew! I cannot believe I actually have a moment to write something. It seems even when I am not at work I am busy. Since we are not allowed overtime at the moment at work I got to go home early on Friday. I could not believe the traffic at 2pm on a Friday. I was able to pick up my funky new glasses last night which was a great timesaver for me. Last night I also got together with a couple of wonderful friends to scrap the night away. Well they scrapped a bit more than I did (which is the norm) but I did manage to get ONE page finished. Of course it took me 5 hours and cost me about $8.00! LOL!

This morning around 11:00 my mom called to tell me to meet her at Macy's as they had a wonderful sale with extra discounts that ended at 1pm. Of course that was the time B decided to jump in the shower so I did not get to the mall until noon and then I had to find a place to park. After finding a spot in the back 40 (it was easier to just park far away than to wait for a spot), my mom took me to the department where she saw stuff she thought I would like. She told me that she had to go but that she would leave me her Macy's credit card and that all the ladies there knew. She gave me $100.00 to spend for my Christmas present. I did not find any pants but I did find some really nice tops (one I will wear to the Christmas party tonight) and I found a JACKET!!! I now have a jacket! Let me tell you this is a big deal! I don't have any jackets. When we went on our cruise to Alaska I had to buy a fleece jacket to wear. Now I have a nice denim form fitting jacket that only cost $30.00 down from $69.00. That is the fastest shopping (with trying on clothes) that I have ever done, since I had to check out before 1pm. I made it too as I checked out and my mom called right at 1pm to check up on me. I am very happy with my Christmas present from my parents. Whoo hoo! Clothes are always nice.

After the hour rush to try on clothes I then went to find some nice dressy black shoes. I have no nice heels and I found a couple of different pairs. One is dressy and the other is more for slacks. Being me, I bought both. Then it was off to the lingerie department for a black bra ( I am floored to have found one that fits) and some stockings (I have not worn those in a long time). Since I get to dress up tonight I really needed them although I think I may have an old pair in my drawer. New is always better right?

Now if I thought the traffic at the mall was back at noon you should have seen what it was like when I left around 3pm. All the back spots that were empty when I got there were full. People even parked on the dirt embankment around the mall. It took quite a bit of time to get out of the mall and then I had a few extra errands to run. I finally got home around 4pm and finally ate something.

Now, I am taking a breather while waiting for my laundry to dry. What I thought would be a nice leisurely day off sure turned out to be a busy one but I was nice too. I think I will go and take a couple of aspirin and relax a bit before the rush to get ready to party.

Tomorrow I will start to worry about not having started my Christmas shopping and that I need to send out Christmas cards.


  1. Yay shopping! I got something new (including black dress shoes!) to wear to dh's luncheon. Its nice to wear new! Glad you had fun :)

  2. I want to see a picture of you all dressed up!

  3. A ~ I don't go shopping for me all that often so it was nice. It was the first holiday party where my feet did not hurt as my shoes actually fit me. :-)I am also realizing that this $30 bra I bought it much more comfy than the cheapy ones I get at Target. I think I need to go back and buy some more. :-)

    H ~ Pictures will come soon. I did not even turn on my computer the next day so they are still in the camera. This is the first year where I have actually taken pictures at the party and I am looking forward to scrapping them.

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