December 1, 2005

Short & Sweet

Just a quick and short post for tonight. Well I say that now but I always end up jabbering.

Today we took photos to send to our Tier 1 agents. It was supposed to be a group photo but we could not get everyone together and one girl had to go and we could not find a good place to take a photo. So.....each person got their own photo taken and we will Photoshop them into 'something'. So far all the photos are great and one of the guys had the funniest photo I have ever seen. I will ask him if I can share it tomorrow. But for's my picture. I am actually surprised that it turned out okay and on the first try too. Oh yeah.... I better not let dh see this photo or else he will ask me what that dork from MCR is doing on my screen. LOL!

I think I know why I am so exhausted. When I clocked out at work today I already was at 79.75 hours for the week and I still have one more day left to work tomorrow. I don't see Friday as being a short day either as for some reason my work has been piling up. I do have an inkling though as to why some of it is piling up. You see I work via email and the work I do comes from our customers that fill out an online form. Usually these customers are not calling for support but wanting online assistance. I have been having a few requests lately where the customer has called in and was told by the agent to fill out the online form for help. Am I bothered by this? Heck ya! These requests are for simple passwords and the phone rep can do this while on the call with the customer. For them to send them to me is a definite punt! Then in my other queues I have reps entering in bogus requests. I get those from time to time but usually they have the name of 'test' or something really obvious. Not lately. The bogus requests that are coming in have real names and I cannot tell them apart from the real requests. And I wonder why I ended up working 91 requests when I normally average 30 a day and when I left I still had 16 sitting there. Then in another queue I started with 123, completed 87 and when I left today there were more requests than when I started this morning. No wonder I am so exhausted!

So on that note.....good night!

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