January 15, 2007


Today was COLD!

It is not supposed to be cold in the desert!

Last night we hit a record freeze and today we are paying the price.

So many people's pipes burst last night that B was at work from 8:30 am -6:30 pm today. He did not even get home until after 7:30 pm due to having to go out and buy us a heater. Yep! The heat is out for our entire complex! First the water heater and now the actual heater! It is freezing in here!

What got me a bit upset was that I was the one that had to call the landlord and ask about the heat. They knew about it but did not say anything to us. All they asked me when I called was if I had a newborn or an old person living with me. I guess they had a few heaters and the only people that would get them would be those with kids or the elderly. I can understand that but since our door does not even have a seal around it - our apartment is freezing! There is no ETA as to when we will get our heat back. I sure do hope it warms up soon.

So for now, we get to use a space heater and blankets.

See....cold! It may not seem cold to most of you, but here in the desert this sure is not normal!

For those of you that are in super-duper cold climates - what do you suggest for keeping warm?


  1. Layer up, always wear socks, and dig out the slippers!

  2. sorry you don't have heat. Just pile on the blankets and drink hot chocolate. Hope it's warm at home soon.

  3. Awesome Picture!! It reminds me that all of my newly planted plants are now freezer burned or dead! :)

    I love your photography style, and your shots of the Valley are beautiful. I can't wait to see what else you do!

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