January 7, 2007

Someone is feeling MUCH better!

Well our kitty came thru her surgery just fine! Whew!

In fact, not only did they fix her teeth (one even fell out on its own) but the vet also found out what is causing one of the main reasons we took her into the vet in the first place.

All I can say is… I will be SO happy when I am finished giving this cat her medicine. It is such an ordeal!

She is getting smart though. I have a feeling that by the end of the medicine taking she will be hiding from us. In fact, today when B just looked at her (we were both in the kitchen) her tail just fuzzed up like a raccoon! She knew EXACTLY what was coming. LOL! I have never laughed so hard! Yep! She is one smart cookie.

The only problem is that her one stitch has come undone. I hope that it won’t cause any problems.

It sure has been a long week around here. We celebrated B’s birthday and I seem to have spent my entire week at work (I was even there all day Saturday). All I can say is that my one day off (today) sure has flown by super fast!

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  1. YAYAYA, so glad to hear she made it out fine. With the stitch, just watch the area for any bleeding or swelling. They are dissolvable stitches usually.

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