January 2, 2007

Poor thing :(

My kitty is sick.

A few weeks ago, we noticed she was losing weight and took her in for a check-up. The vet did blood-work and could not find anything wrong, although the vet did say she had a bad tooth. The vet did not think it was the tooth that was causing the problems so she did not feel it best to be removed just yet.

Fast forward to this weekend. I noticed that my cat's face was a bit swollen. Each day it just got worse and worse. The vet was closed for the holiday and so we called this morning. I ended up being a bit snotty to the girl that answered the phone, since the only appointment we could get was on Friday and I did not feel she was too concerned with what we were telling her about our cat. So, I had B call the vet back and they made an appointment for us to bring her in today to get ‘checked out.’ I was very happy with that and so after work, B and I took the cat to the vet. Imagine my surprise when the girl at the front desk (the one I was snotty with) just happened to be my best friend from 7th/8th grade!! Oh Vey! Small World!

The vet gave the cat some antibiotics and we have an appointment on Friday to get her tooth (and maybe more) removed.

Poor thing.

I just cannot wait until she is back to her old self.


  1. Please be nice to your local vet receptionists! You wouldn't believe what we have to deal with. Pets are members of the family and people get so angry when we can't "fit" them in. But in all honesty, we really can't! The week between Xmas and New years at our vet office was insane.
    We were triple booked every single day and referred more people to emergency and the other local vets in that one week than we had the past 4 months!!

    I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. If that ever happens again and your vet cannot see her, please go to emergency centers, ask your vet if you don't know of one nearby. That is what they are there for.

    Dentistry is very common in animals and she'll come out of it just fine. We frequently pull teeth too and they barely even know the difference. 24 hrs after the dental, make sure that you feed her only soft foods, cuz her little gums will be sensitive.

    Oh, and it's usually not the receptionists fault if we can't "fit" you in. We always ask the doctors what they are willing to take care of, how late to stay, how many appts to book, etc. So it really isn't our fault even though we have to deliver the bad news.

    Heheh, can you guess I'm a vet receptionist :) Good luck with kitty!

  2. oh no, poor kitty! I would be a wreck if either one of my cats had to go through that. i really do hope your baby is healed soon!

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