January 4, 2008

happy friday night

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School-wise, today was a very productive day. The rest of the day, not so much.

I was only at school for 4.5 hours today (that is as long as they are opened on Friday) but I think I accomplished more today than during a full school day which is 9 hours. I am trying to finish up the rest of my coursework within the next 3 weeks so it is study-study-study.

It will be so unreasonably busy around here this month. Not only do I have my schoolwork, I also have to find a part-time job…oh and I went ahead and signed up to do LOAD (layout-a-day). But only ‘cause all the cool kids are doing it and I have always had a longing to be cool. That being said…I did not a bit of scrapping tonight and the layout I am currently working on is going on maybe it’s 3rd day of construction.

This afternoon we ran a few errands. We had to stop by the mall for just a minute and you would think it was still the holidays. The parking lot was packed! Got home exhausted and ready to just relax. Poor hubby has been up since 3:30am this morning! I don't think that it helped any that it was so warm outside and I was wearing long sleeves. The hubby was more prepared for the weather in his shorts and t-shirt. Supposedly it is supposed to feel like winter on Sunday. :)

Tonight we watched 1408 (the unrated version). That movie was just too spooky for me. I hate ghosts and really hate it when things just pop up on the screen. I spent most of the time with my eyes mostly shut because I just knew something was going to happen and then when I did open them I got freaked out because I opened them at the wrong time. LOL!

Well I guess I had better do the dishes before turning in for the night.


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