January 6, 2008

Now there are *TWO*

I woke up this morning a bit under the weather. It seems the more I actually take allergy medicine the more I seem to feel terrible when I stop taking it. Today, the in-laws were going to stop by and the husband decided to vacuum the rug and the couches. That was the worst! Our vacuum cleaner is pretty new (well 2004 is still considered new right?) and I loved it when we first bought it but now, not so much. We never had any problems with it but something must have happened when we used it to clean that last day in our apartment. Now whenever we turn it on it STINKS! Kind of a musty/moldy smell but there is no mold. B ran that vacuum forever and the smell really made my head pound. I just wanted to go back to bed but cleaned up the bathroom and the litter box, which did not help at all with my headache.

After our company left, and I took a little nap, I was able to finish the layout I had started last night. I had used paint and it took awhile to dry so I had to wait. This brings me to a question. For those of you that have used Heidi Swapp paint. Do you find that the paint really does not dry completely? I painted some chipboard and it took awhile to dry and even still, it is quite sticky. I notice her paint is quite rubbery compared to say the Making Memories paint. So have any of you encountered this?

And now…here it is…the reason for the title of this post…my 2nd layout of the year. I wonder how long I can keep this up.


  1. Stefani, I really wish we could scrap together! I love your style so much and your photography inspires me. I have never ever seen a layout of yours that I did not love! Keep up the great work and maybe someday we'll get the chance to scrap together!! :-) Christy

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  3. Awesome layout! Your style is so clean and bright. I know what you mean about hte vacuum. Ours just started doing that. My hubby says it's from my hair because it's long and gets tangle in the roller. Hmmm....not so sure but it could be!

  4. Christy you are too sweet. I love ya man! It sure has been quite a few years since we have scrapped together, well in the same room at least.

    Thank you Stefanie. I sure do hope that it is NOT because of my hair. DH complains enough about my long hair being everywhere. I am sure he would just love it, NOT if my hair was the cause for the vacuum being icky. LOL!

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