January 11, 2008

Two pages ~ one layout = *FOUR*

Well it is finished. It only took a week of sitting on the table but it finally got done. I had to buy some more alphabet rub-ons in order to finish what I started though. Rub-ons sure do take a lot of work, especially the really tiny ones.

Can you believe these pictures are from 2001? Yikes! Talk about old pictures. These are the first pictures that I have scrapped that have my Uncle in them. Maybe now I can scrap more recent pictures of him.

I am not too sure that this layout is finished though. I had wanted to put the date on the page but the place that I had planned to put it did not work out. I also think that it needs something in that white space in the middle of the page. What do you think? So far, everything I have tried has made it too busy.

So that makes Four pages for the year but only Three uploaded for the LOAD challenge. Hmmmm considering that I *should* be on layout 11, I think I need to step up the pace. Well, actually considering this is *me* we are talking about…I think I am right on target. LOL!


  1. The page is beautiful. If you really wanted to put something in that white space on the bottom I'd suggest another cluster of flowers. The ones which you have on the right to even it out. Just my suggestion though. Yes, definately put the year somewhere too. If it was me, I'd put it in the middle of the G on thing very small but at least the year would be there somewhere for others to see when they get older and you are gone. Congrats on doing more pages. You are doing great. Keep it up

  2. Thank you Laura. Great suggestions. So far though, this has been the last page I scrapped. I need to get busy.

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