January 21, 2008

weekend un-accomplishments

*exposed* {198/365}
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I had such high hopes for this weekend.

I made a list of stuff that needs to get done. I still have a lot to cross off and the weekend is over. Well to be honest it is not a list just for the weekend but I was hoping to accomplish more than I did.

I brought home lots of homework but never cracked open a book.

I wanted to scrapbook but cannot seem to get motivated. I found a box of old unfinished layouts and I did finish off one of them, but the others...no such luck. I need to print out journaling for some but I don't have any ink for the printer. It has been over a year since I last had printer ink but every time I go to buy some, I cringe at the $50 price tag. I have not minded so much since I really want to start using my own handwriting more on my pages but I do have some that require a ton of journaling and I really need a printer for that.

About the only thing I did do this weekend was finally watch the movies that have been sitting on the shelf for weeks. I can finally send those back to Netflix. Yay! One thing crossed off the list.

I also got my photos uploaded for my 365days project. It feels good to be caught up. Can you believe I am now on day 202!!!!! I cannot believe how fast time flies.

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