January 18, 2008


*All*Star Reflection*
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Today did not start out at all like I had planned.

I had planned to wake up nice and refreshed from a super resting slumber but instead woke up with a headache. I almost did not even make it into class today but I dragged my butt out of bed and got myself ready. On the way to class I almost turned back when my stomach turned queasy. Good thing it was cold outside (30 degrees cold! At 8:30am even!). So down the window went. The cool air helped a lot!

It was really important that I took a particular test today. Feeling ill did not help me with any last minute studying. The cafĂ© was closed so that meant no coffee. It did not help that someone was messing with the cooling/heating system and turned on the A/C full blast (remember it was 30 degrees this morning). I finally felt well enough (and warm enough) to take the test. I really struggled with this one. I was not as confident with this test as I have been with the others. I hope that I don’t fail it too badly.

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