July 1, 2009

holding pattern

Well it has almost been a month since my last post. We are still living in the same place and technically have not yet purchased the house. I guess you could say we are in a bit of a holding pattern here.

After the house inspection we were supposed to get the house assessed. Then we found out about a Federal law that prohibits the sale of an investment property (flipper house/foreclosure) until it has been owned for 90-days. It appears the listing agent was a bit excited about the house and listed it before it was legally able to be sold. So, instead of moving into our new place in June we ended up having to wait until the end of June for the house to be legally available to purchase. That day was last week. This week the house was again supposed to be assessed. We have not heard anything but have been told this could take a week (I am thinking maybe longer because of the holiday?). We hope we may get to close on the house sometime around the 10th-15th of this month. I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed about packing and moving. I really do hope that this move goes a lot smoother than the last time.

At least I finally found the time to upload my Project 365 photos for March. I must say that March sure did end up to be a pretty colorful month.

March 2009  [project 365]

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