July 8, 2009

Just one week left...maybe less

I cannot believe it is already Wednesday. Which surprises me since each day this week (at work) has just dragged on and on with nothing really being accomplished.

Not much happening here at home either, especially in the packing department. Last night I packed a large box with my winter clothes. Surprisingly I have a ton of winter clothes and it never gets cold enough to wear them. They are all boxed up now. Well most of them and I still need to tape up the box.

Today I was determined to accomplish more. I brought home some boxes but they are still in the car. There was a huge storm after I arrived home and we also got a couple of good movies from Netflix. So, tonight we watched the movie Knowing. It was a pretty interesting movie. Lots of destruction, which of course the husband enjoyed. But nothing really got accomplished except that I made dinner.

Maybe tomorrow something will get packed.

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  1. oh i want to see that! i have to be in the right frame of mind for those kinds of movies though, lol

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